Aqua Control

ZOOM sets new levels of innovation with highly modern compression materials and sporty colours. The special FLEXX-FIT technology ensures that it’s the glove that fits your hand and not your hand that fits the glove. ZOOM gloves are in perfect shape the minute you start wearing them, a feature we call INSTANT-FIT. These gloves will also stay in perfect shape for round after round, thanks to its special SHAPE-FIT characteristic.The Zoom Aqua-Control offers ultimate grip in rainy weather and particularly high humidity. Specially treated kangaroo leather combined with the Flexx-Fit technology from Zoom allows optimal control even under the toughest conditions. The extra-durable leather also lasts twice as long as comparable gloves.

The Aqua Control series was developed as the ultimate solution in rainy weather. Specially coated kangaroo leather combines with breathable Lycra to offer a fantastic connection to the club in the dry and incredible grip in heavy rain or high humidity. The kangaroo leather also offers superior durability, lasting considerably longer than traditional all weather gloves.

The new ZOOM Aqua Control is the ultimate solution for every weather condition and a real game improvement factor for your golf. Colours:White-black-red,Charcoal-fuchsia, Black-charcoal-lime, Black-red



  • Long lasting, durable kangaroo leather
  • Perfect grip in wet and damp conditions
  • Breathable Lycra material
  • Enhanced durability
  • Instant fit, perfect fit from the first swing
  • Flexx-Fit, adapts to the contour of your hand and fits like a second skin for all hand sizes
  • Shape-Fit, 80% fewer wrinkles and perfect fit over the lifetime of the glove